Kersten Site Maintenance Equipment


Kersten Site Maintenance Equipment

Stand No. OSA600

“Giving ground care professionals the tools to make a better world” is our mission.
Providing the knowledge to select the correct solution and how to use it is our delight.
We deliver innovative products for our customers in all aspects of outdoor surface maintenance.

Kersten Outdoor Maintenance Machines

Ripagreen Thermal weeders

ECO-Weedkiller Electric-Water Thermal Weeding

Lehner Polaro Precision Gritting Machines

Matador - More Productivity With Less Fatigue

Hoaf - Infrared Weeding

Integrated Weed Management Training

When considering weeds we often consider there is one solution and that is a method of control after the have grown. But what is you prevent them growing in the first place? How much carbon would you save? how much more sustainable is that? How could you do that?