Stand No. RB140

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Let’s play and be active!

Buccaneer Bay, Central Park, Dartford

Dartford Borough Council wanted to create a unique and immersive playground that would benefit children of the borough for years to come. A pirate theme was selected and some key ‘wow’ play features were also identified to build the rest of the playground around and create the immersive experience that the council leader had envisioned.

St Nicholas School, Croydon

St Nicholas School wanted to replace their main worn out play area with a new, bright and colourful play area which would meet the requirements of their students which have a range of educational needs.

Playground Equipment

A playground is so much more than just a way of entertaining children. It’s an outdoor play hub for socialisation, development and growth. That’s why, here at KOMPAN, we have spent years researching and testing our playground equipment; continually optimising our outdoor play so that you and your children only receive the best experiences. Through our research, we have set new standards in the UK and globally for ways to play, innovating new products including the springer and the award-winning Supernova. No matter what type of play you want to include, we have a playground equipment solution specifically designed to promote all aspects of child development and support growth. Explore our comprehensive range of playground equipment below and utilise our specialist expertise to create the perfect playground experience for your children. Let's Play!

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Around the world, people are moving to the outdoors to exercise. Especially in recent years, we have seen a big increase in outdoor workouts and open-air gyms within UK communities. With KOMPAN’s outdoor fitness equipment, you get various products to suit numerous outdoor exercises. This ensures that your local outdoor gym is successful and suitable for users of all fitness levels. Who are KOMPAN outdoor fitness areas designed for? KOMPAN designs outdoor fitness sites for community parks, recreational areas, leisure centers, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, hotels, sports clubs, roughly speaking, if you have an outdoor area, we have the commercial fitness equipment for it. When it comes to community fitness sites, it is important to install universal outdoor fitness equipment that caters to many users. This could be stationary outdoor cardio equipment, or fitness that requires body weight such as calisthenics or cross training gym equipment. The outdoor strength training machines are completely changing the game for outdoor fitness equipment, as they have adjustable weights to ensure you get the workout at your fitness level.

Inspection, Maintenance, Repairs and Refurbishments

We Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Refurbishment all makes of playground equipment. Playground owners have a responsibility to the public to ensure their play areas are safe to use at all times. This includes multi-use games areas, skate parks, BMX tracks, parkour and outdoor gym equipment. KOMPAN can help you ensure your areas are safe by producing a tailor-made inspection regime that is appropriate to your needs, we consider demographics, the age and type of equipment, and by combining your local knowledge with our industry expertise.