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Kress UK & Ireland

Stand No. RB10 & 19

As a part of the well-established Positec family of leading brands, Kress has built a reputation for advanced German engineering and has been recognised for designing and manufacturing electric motors for 93 years. Today, Kress is committed to ensure the landscape maintenance industry a zero-emission future. Its unique battery technology makes the transition from petrol to battery-powered OPE sustainable, with benefits for the environment and the users’ profitability and performance.

Kress Mega RTKn Robot Mower

Mows like you. Without you. The future of unmanned mowing is now. The new Kress RTKn robot mowers extend unmanned mowing to larger areas. They efficiently operate in parallel lines and autonomously move from one area to another. No need for boundary wires, or on-site aerials.

KRESS 60V Commercial 8-minute CYBERSYSTEM

Welcome to the post-fossil fuel era. Performance on an unprecedented scale The Kress 8-minute CyberSystem batteries deliver so much power that we had to design a brand new range of commercial tools around such groundbreaking standards. The wait is over. Start your transition to zero-emission landscaping today.

Kress RTKn Robot Lawn Mowers

Kress RTKn unmanned mowers maintain very large lawns with greater accuracy and efficiency than man-operated mowers. At only a fraction of the cost. Instructed by the Kress RTKn network, it navigates your lawn with centimeter-level accuracy. No need for boundary wire nor fixed reference antenna to be installed in the lawn. Operated by the MAP™ (Mowing Action Plan) technology, the mower works in parallel lines, as an experienced landscaper would. Learn more:

Kress 8-minute CyberSystem

Fast-charging and long-lasting, the Kress 60V Commercial CyberPacks unlock new levels of productivity for all types of landscaping professionals. Powering an impressive line of commercial equipment, this battery platform stands strong in harsh conditions and delivers unparalleled reliability—all without the high costs and hassles of petrol power. Available with a 5 kWh or 7.2 kWh energy capacity, the CyberTank DC-DC charger stores enough energy to power your equipment for the whole day. Charge your CyberTank after work and stay ready for tomorrow. You'll never have to waste time or money filling up at the petrol station again. Learn more:

Kress Commercial 60V 51 cm Self-Propelled Lawn Mower - KC711

The Kress walk-behind mower eliminates any need for petrol. With a revolutionary battery and charging system, there are no concerns of being short on power for those long landscaping days. The Kress-built brushless motor provides exceptional power for mulching, bagging operations. The deck design promotes extraordinary air flow to provide an unprecedented cut quality. With a reinforced steel deck, IPX4 waterproofing, front bumper protection, trim side wear plate, and rubber tires, the Kress mower will handle the difficulty encountered in everyday landscaping.

Kress Commercial 60V 35N Backpack Blower - KC500

Extreme power and a very low sound level deliver the performance of gas without the noise. Thanks to the Kress silent technology, there is no issue disturbing customers & bystanders, or even having a conversation with a coworker. With a revolutionary battery and charging system, there are no concerns about being short on power for those landscapes that require extensive clean-up. An ergonomic backpack design that is adjustable and air permeable improves users' comfort and lessens fatigue. With an IPX4 waterproof design, superior power levels, and an elevated comfort level, the Kress commercial blower will address your landscaping needs no matter what the weather.

Kress Commercial 60V 40 cm Chainsaw - KC300

Powerful, durable, and convenient without the starting concerns when used intermittently. With a rapid chain speed and an arborist-level chain, the Kress KC300.9 chainsaw assures smooth, fast, and efficient cutting. With the 8-minute CyberSystem revolutionary battery and charging system, there are no concerns about being short on power for those landscaping days that include tree care. With an IPX4 waterproof design, efficient cutting, and rapid battery charging, the Kress commercial chainsaw will also address storm damage recovery.

Kress Commercial 60V 42 cm Brush Cutter - KC170

The Kress brush cutter eliminates any need for gas. With a revolutionary battery and charging system, there are no concerns about being short on power for those large properties requiring extensive trimming. The Kress-built brushless motor provides the power level required for trimming manicured lawns or addressing overgrown areas when needed. The trimmer head design provides a high level of durability, a quick-load line feature, and holds a substantial amount of line. Combine IPX4 waterproofing with all of the brush cutter's features and you have a tool that will handle any job, under any condition.

Kress Commercial 60V 63 cm Hedge Trimmer - KC200

Ideal for professionals seeking a powerful, durable, and lightweight solution for extended run times on the longest hedge trimming days your landscaping crew faces. With a 3200 rpm cutting speed and laser cut & ground blades, the Kress KC200.9 hedge trimmer will slice through your hedge trimming needs. The Kress-built brushless motor provides exceptional power levels that will rival gas-powered products. With a revolutionary battery and charging system, there are no concerns about being short on power for those longest hedge rows. IPX4 waterproofing ensures the weather will not interrupt your hedge trimming operations.