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Lumena are a trusted outdoor lighting manufacturer, supplying garden designers, landscapers, street furniture suppliers and wholesalers. They specialise in high-end 12v garden lighting, 240v bollard lights, and professional solar lighting designed for UK use. Their ever growing ranges have been installed in many prestigious locations, as well as various housing developments, holiday parks, schools, commercial and residential premises and more.

Lumena are quickly becoming the “go to” supplier for Professional Solar Lighting, with one of the largest ranges in the UK, from solar decking lights and spike lights, to bollards and street lights. The revolutionary ‘Pro Solar’ lights are guaranteed for up to 5 years, illuminate all year round and typically last all night even during winter months in UK weather. Over 4 years they’ve been installed in high profile locations such as Eton College and the Eden Project, Cornwall. They use highly efficient lithium batteries and power saving functions such as gradual dimming sequences.

In addition to their latest solar range, other designs include beautiful 12v solid brass and copper spreadlights, solid brass bricklights, spike lights and various path lights such as the exclusive timber ‘Radiata’ range. The ultimate in landscape lighting.

The Lumena Team are happy to help with any outdoor lighting questions you have – Stand L59

The Basics of 12V Outdoor & Garden Lighting

Understanding the basics of 12v garden lighting, covering basic installation and considerations.

Lumena Lights

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Outdoor & Garden Lighting

Suppliers of the largest range of Professional Solar lights, LED Bollard Lights and High-End 12v Garden Lighting in the UK.

Professional Solar Bollards & Path Lights

Lumena's Pro Solar products have proved revolutionary in the solar lighting field. Supply and demand has increased amazingly for the professional range over 4 years, with the star of the show being the professional Solar Bollard Lights. In brief, • There are over 30 solar bollard variations imported, stocked and supplied by Lumena • They are specially designed to work in the UK and do! They've been selling for 4 years – been through 3 winters with amazing feedback • Lithium-Ion batteries (retain charge amazingly well) and Gradual dimming sequences retain charge and a lower level of light emitted, even at 3am for example • Decent Output but also environmentally conscious, anti-glare low level light • Illuminate 365 days a year and last all night in most cases, even in Jan-Feb • 5 year supplier guarantee, expected battery life of 8-10 years • Robust, aluminium, built to last. Root Mount Kits available • Eliminate, costly, timely installation and NO running costs. • Photometric Data for most products Our solar lights have been installed in many locations including housing developments, council buildings, colleges, caravan parks, glamping areas, NHS Sites and the Eden Project, Cornwall.

Solid Brass Landscape Lighting

For many years, Lumena have manufactured and supplied high-end landscape lighting products crafted from solid brass. As a material it is naturally durable and weatherproof, and in their popular Rustic Bronze finish, fittings look sophisticated and stylish day and night. Keep a look out for the Landscaper's favourite, the 12v Minilite, as well as the brand new solid brass Hilospot, twin spotlight.

240v Bollard Lighting

Lumena have been supplying high-spec professional bollard lighting since 2012. What sets Lumena apart is the Reliability, the Durability and the Choice! As well as the brand new Boleda range launched in 2022 with in-built LED and colour temp switch, they continue to supply their ES/E27 'Pro Bollard' range. The Pro Bollard range offers 4 head designs, 3 head shapes various heights, surface or root mount options as well as photocell options. Guaranteed for 5 years, suitable for coastal areas and built to last.

12v Garden Lighting

Lumena offer a great selection of 12v garden lighting by way of hanging lights, decking lights, spikelight and spreadlight, wall lights and more. 12v outdoor lighting is particularly suited to outdoor environments because they can withstand damp weather conditions without the performance being affected. Furthermore, 12v garden lighting systems are very safe to use, easy for anybody to install and highly energy efficient. Plug & play installs are the easiest systems to use with no hard wiring required, such as the Lumena "Versa" Range. Choose from many designs in various materials such as solid brass, natural copper, anodised aluminium and marine grade stainless steel.