Nomix Enviro Ltd


Nomix Enviro Ltd

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Nomix Enviro Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of weed control products and technical support services for amenity and industrial weed control.

Our extensive product range includes low volume Total Droplet Control herbicides and applicators, as well as conventional and bioherbicides, ensuring an effective solution for all situations, tailored to your economic and environmental requirements.

Nomix Total Droplet Control

Our Total Droplet Control oil-emulsion formulations stick to the leaf, reducing run-off and easily penetrating the waxy surface to deliver highly effective control of weeds. The white colouring of our herbicides allows the operator to see where it has been applied, ensuring no weeds are missed. TDC delivers a constant uniform droplet size and spray pattern, virtually eliminating spray drift. This makes TDC safer for operators, bystanders, animals, the environment, water courses and any desired vegetation in the surrounding area.

Eco Charger

Highly Effective Weed Control Solutions for the Amenity Market

Our Total Droplet Control (TDC) systems deliver low-volume, highly targeted herbicide application, with pre-mixed herbicides that are safe and easy to use, delivering a wealth of benefits to local authorities. The uniquely integrated Total Droplet Control (TDC) systems are proven to offer more environmental advantages than traditional alternatives, like knapsacks, whilst being lightweight, versatile and requiring no water at the point of application.