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Salike Limited’s Coir Products specialize in elevating landscapes through top-tier horticultural and ground engineering solutions. From erosion control to habitat restoration, our range is meticulously designed to enhance environmental sustainability. With unwavering commitment, every product is sourced ethically and sustainably, 100% biodegradable and promotes efficiency within responsibility.


Coir Potting Mix

Coir Potting Mix is 100% natural, biodegradable growing medium made solely of coconut husks and fibres. Free from weeds and soil borne pathogens Coir Potting Mix is the perfect material when combined with any organic fertiliser to fit all growing requirements. With optimum air porosity and water retention capabilities, Coir Potting Mix is the ideal alternative to peat products, being ethically and sustainably sourced.

Coir Mulch Mats | 18cm | 40cm |

Coir Mulch Mats, crafted from coir fibre and natural latex, provides essential soil moisture whilst preventing weed growth stunting plant development. Available in a variety of sizes and is simply placed around bed of the plant.

Coir Hanging Basket

Coir Hanging Baskets are the perfect addition for indoor or outdoor planting, created from coir fibre and natural latex. With optimum air porosity and water retention capabilities our hanging baskets can be placed in nurseries, greenhouses, patios and homes to add a rustic, stylish look. With Coir Hanging basket liners, plants benefit from air pruning as well as avoidance of transplant shock.

Coir Pots | 28cm |

Crafted in a variation of sizes to fit all growing requirements, Coir Pots are a great middle ground, with excellent absorption capabilities plants are kept well hydrated, whilst its draining capabilities prevent overwatering and root rot. Easily transferable, Coir Pots can be directly replanted as to avoid transplant shock and are the eco- friendly alternative to plastic and synthetic pots.

Coir Sheets | 1 x 10m |

Crafted from coir fibre and natural latex, Coir Sheets emerge as an effective erosion control solution, safeguarding soil against invasive weeds without disturbing the soil. These sheets excel in facilitating aeration and drainage capabilities, creating an environment where soil moisture thrives, becoming a catalyst for habitat growth. The scope of Coir Sheets extends from gardens, allotments and smaller slopes, to larger landscapes such as vineyards and expansive crop fields. Installation is facilitated by securing sheets using pegs at approximately one-meter intervals, ensuring steadfast placement and optimal functionality. Responsibly sourced with sustainability at the forefront, Coir Sheets biodegrade into the soil beneath, leaving little ecological imprint.

Coir Geotextiles | Coir Netting

Coir Geotextiles, also known as Coir Netting, are a highly effective erosion control solution that finds applications in landscaping, soil stabilization, and reinforcement projects. Designed for sloped terrains, Coir Netting stimulates rapid vegetation growth and ecological restoration. Crafted exclusively from 100% coir fibre, Geotextiles seamlessly integrate with the natural environment through complete biodegradation, enriching the soil in the process. With a lifespan ranging from 2 to 5 years, subject to environmental and climatic conditions, these geotextiles are attuned to adapt to the dynamics of their surroundings. Coir Netting resistance to moisture build-up serves as a defence against mould and rot. Coir Geotextiles present a synergy between innovation and ecological consciousness. By offering a solution for erosion control and soil stabilization, these contribute to the overall health of ecosystems and are completely free of plastic. Their ability to seamlessly blend with nature while effectively addressing erosion and soil stability needs makes them an invaluable asset for environmentally-conscious projects

Coir Logs | 1m x 30cm |

Created from coir fibre and bound by Coir Netting, Coir Logs serve as an erosion control solution for projects centred around wetlands and soil preservation and restoration. Their unique composition makes them well suited for a range of applications, particularly along riverbanks, pond perimeters, shorelines, and lake slopes, where the balance of soil and water require specific management. One of their standout advantages lies their ability to facilitate rapid vegetation growth. Coir logs allows for excellent root penetration, allowing plants to establish. This feature is a critical catalyst in restoring the natural flora of areas affected by erosion and soil disturbances. By stabilising the soil and preventing further erosion Coir Logs are ideal for rebuilding diverse ecosystems. The enhanced vegetation cover promotes habitat suitability for various species, contributing to the overall ecological health of the area.