Terrain Aeration Services Ltd


Terrain Aeration Services Ltd

Stand No. RB180

Terrain Aeration relieves waterlogging. Our Terralift compressed air concept has been in service for over thirty years. We treat all kinds of turf surface for waterlogging and compaction panning, from sports fields, golf courses and bowling greens, to trees in London parks, green spaces and the gardens of new house builds.

See the Earth move

Terrain Aeration's Terralift system uses a probe to one metre depth to release compressed air underground. This creates interlinking fissures as it breaks the compaction panning that causes waterlogging. Dried seaweed fills the probe holes and this expands with rain to keep the holes open and allow drainage and aeration. The holes are backfilled with aggregate and play/use can start immediately on sports pitches, bowling greens, golf courses, in parks and around trees. Any turf surface can be treated to relieve waterlogging.