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Founded in 2019, Turfix has quickly emerged as a leading supplier of premium sports turf products across the United Kingdom.

From line marking paints and machines to pitch care equipment and accessories, our highly-experienced team works closely with key manufacturers to cater to all your turf management needs. In addition to our strong relationships with ICL, Harrod Sport, Block Blitz, and Tildenet Sport, we are proud to bring Pitchmark’s cutting-edge line marking solutions to our customers. Pitchmark is a leading global manufacturer of line marking paints and equipment, trusted by professionals worldwide.

Alongside our wide range of sports turf products, we offer various services to our clients. One of which is the UK’s most extensive GPS-guided initial line marking service, which we have extended to overseeing more than 600 pitches in 2023.


Harrod Sport



Tildenet Sport

Block Blitz

Designed with and for sports turf professionals, The Hybrid is used to mark hundreds of the finest pitches around the globe, every week. Advanced patent-pending technology on the highly-engineered front wheel, combined with the proven spray system from the Pitchmark Eco Club and Eco Pro machines, gives perfect results on the pitch. Made in Britain, manufactured to the highest standards, and guaranteed to meet all your line marking needs.