Traqnology Aps


Traqnology Aps

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Traqnology: Elevate Turf Care with GPS Software Solutions
Welcome to Traqnology, where precision meets turf care. We present our cutting-edge GPS software solution, designed for universal adaptability, fitting seamlessly onto any vehicle and implement. Dive into a world where every turf care task is optimized, running costs are minimized, and turf quality is nothing short of exceptional.

Traqnology’s Promise: Universal Compatibility & Precision
Any Vehicle, Any Implement: Whether you have the latest tractor model or a classic turf care machine, our software adapts effortlessly. You don’t have to change your fleet; we change the game for you.
Precision-Driven Turf Care: Let the power of GPS guide your tasks. From mowing and seeding to aerating, experience uniformity and accuracy like never before.

Elevate Turf Quality, Reduce Running Costs
Optimal Usage
Navigate with efficiency. Our GPS system ensures your machinery takes the most efficient routes, saving substantial machine, labour and fuel costs. Our unique Easy Switch technology enables you to move the system effortlessly from a mower to a tractor or utility vehicle. Manage various tasks without changing equipment! Each water droplet and every grain of fertilizer or seed is utilized to its fullest potential. Minimize wastage while improving turf health through operatons guided by precision.

UEFA mowing pattern template

How to use Traqnology's new Turftraq software to design and mow precise patterns

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