Turfgrass Growers Association


Turfgrass Growers Association

Stand No. L27

Since its formation, the Turf Growers Association (TGA) has been at the forefront of raising the standard of cultivated turf supplied to professional and domestic customers. This goal is being continuously achieved by diligently seeking to improve the standards of TGA members through unity of purpose and the sharing of knowledge and fresh ideas.

One of its principal missions is to assist members in enhancing their standards as turf growers and businesses. Regular members’ meetings are held, where invited speakers inform and educate members on a broad range of turf-related topics. In addition, the TGA stages a biennial turf show, affording turf professionals the opportunity to see firsthand the latest techniques and innovations in establishing, growing, harvesting, handling, transporting, laying, and maintaining cultivated turf.

By publicising and implementing the TGA quality standards, first published in 1996, the TGA has instilled a sense of discipline amongst its members. This has been instrumental in boosting customers’ confidence in the product they purchase.