AMS Robotics bring 21st-century convenience to turf care maintenance. The ultimate goal is to bring efficiency to turf care practices by using automation to help save you time, money and energy resources whilst maintaining a beautifully cared for green area. AMS robotics are the market leaders in the commercial robotic grounds maintenance industry with the impressive products supplied by Belrobotics. The Belrobotics range features two variations of commercial robotic lawnmowers and a robotic golf ball collector a management system. Along side the Belrobotics products, AMS also distribute the SWOZI autonomous line markers, which are proving to be extremely popular. The target market for these products vary across all different audiences, business and private. We have robots in every type of sports pitch, private schools, parks, gardens, turf farms and equestrian facilities.


This year has proved to be an exciting one for AMS. With the release of the GPS RTK technology the robots are now able to operate without a perimeter wire, opening up so many opportunities for AMS to expand into new target markets. For example, equestrian facilities such as polo pitches and event grounds were not viable as the wire, although below ground level, could still be a danger to horses feet. Secondly golf courses, the flexibility GPS gives the team to map out large areas and create GPS zones within to avoid areas and change cutting heights is immense. It has been a completely groundbreaking technology update for AMS.


At this years GroundsFest, AMS will be showcasing the BigMow robotic mower and the SWOZI autonomous LineMarker. BigMow is the worlds highest performing commercial robotic mower. It’s robust, reliable and eco friendly nature makes it the perfect choice for sports pitches, driving ranges, turf farms, business and public estates. BigMow works completely autonomously and has the capacity to mow up to 75,000m2 several times a week. It self charges and is able to be managed by you at home on your smartphone. The SWOZI cart pro LineMarker is the most versatile and adaptable line marking system for sports fields on the market. The innovative line marking machines are based on one cart which can be be easily modified to suit virtually all line marking requirements.In combination with the SWOZI paint app, the line marking machine provides for intuitive use and makes tapes and strings a thing of the past. Similarly to BigMow, by utilising GPS technology to position and layout sports fields, line marking is carried out more effortlessly, quickly and accurately.

WHY GROUNDS FEST AND WHAT WE HOPE TO GAIN AMS have chosen to exhibit at GroundsFest this year as its important to support new organisations willing to help boost the platform for companies within this industry – AMS are very much looking forward to it.