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At mmcité, our mission is to enrich public spaces through artfully designed site furnishings that seamlessly blend with surroundings while contributing to the cultural landscape. We collaborate with exceptionally talented designers and artisans to create exceptional products that blend form and function.

Sustainability is at the core of our design philosophy. We embrace our responsibility to protect the environment using sustainable materials and eco-conscious production practices. Our site furnishings positively impact the planet without compromising quality or aesthetics. By streamlining processes and efficient resource management, we deliver competitively priced furnishings that maintain exceptional quality.

Functionality, durability, and sustainability are the pillars of our work. Our products not only fulfill their intended purpose but also withstand the test of time. We prioritize durability to ensure our site furnishings remain functional and visually appealing in demanding outdoor environments.

In summary, at mmcité, we are driven by a passion for creating visually captivating, sustainable, and functional public spaces. We collaborate with talented individuals, employ eco-conscious practices, and prioritize durability to deliver exceptional products that enhance public spaces and elevate the standard of site furnishings.



A safe Orbit for movement around the city.

The round seats orbit the round table like planets, but they can also unite in an oval. Everyone can enjoy their food outside, close enough, but also far apart. The straightforward design of the table brings a clear and fresh expression, thanks to wSavehich it will not get lost in space. A secure and stable seating unit has adjustable feet and can be anchored or free standing. It can be located in a park, in a square or a pedestrian zone, and in places such as a campus, a company canteen, etc.

The fully galvanized steel structure that can be stacked during transport, carries seats and a tabletop made of aluminium sheet or high-pressure laminate (HPL). Adjustable stainless steel feet level the table on uneven surfaces and can be replaced by bolts for surface anchoring.


Greenery integrated into public space.

1, 2, 3… 10, Done. Robot, concrete and 10 minutes. This is how a collection of concrete planters, an imaginary typography in public space, is created. A message to the people written in green.

One of the world’s first mass-produced planters made with 3D concrete printing technology, designed primarily for public spaces. The Typo collection features eight shapes that, when viewed from a certain angle, give the impression of balancing on their bottom edge.

The flower planters can also be equipped with an irrigation system which makes them a perfect addition to any public space even the one with lack of rainfall.


The closed circle. This is Gomez.

A stand with a minimalist circular form for a unique side profile. It is composed of a pair of materials: a galvanised steel frame on the inside, with an external coating of durable rubber. The ring is seated in a subtle cast aluminium bracket. The stand is strong enough to support your bicycle but soft enough not to damage it. A simple circle with no superfluous decorations, works perfectly in any architectural context, in all possible situation, whether it is installed individually, in small groups, or in long rows for a subtle interplay of circular forms.

Galvanised structure is covered with a durable rubber (EPDM) profile, with recycled and fully recyclable aluminium bracket for surface mounting


Light touch with a firm grip. This is Blocq.

A massive block placed on sharp points – such contrast soundly affects the public space. The resulting effect is emphasised by generous proportions, amplified especially in long strips composed of several modules. The range includes monumentally simple variants without a backrest as well as a practical and comfortable version with a backrest, which can also be placed in the opposite direction. The range is complemented by conically shaped single-seater. The speciality is the two-tone powder coating of steel bases, offered in six colour combinations. Benches with a backrest can be equipped with durable all-steel tables for putting down a drink, laptop or book, and in contrasting colours, they also present a funky accent. The version with built-in USB charging is a handy teammate for everyone who wants to stay outside longer. In the evening, the decorative LED lighting, which is available on all Blocq models, also stands out.

Galvanized steel structure treated with powder coating. Seat and backrest are made of wooden boards and slats. Available with armrests. Surface mounted.