GroundsFest Wins Exhibition News Marketing Award

GroundsFest, in collaboration with Fusion Media and Machinery Nation, has clinched the prestigious 2024 Exhibition News Best Influencer Marketing Campaign Award, marking a significant milestone in the event’s inaugural year. The ceremony, held at the illustrious De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms in London, celebrated excellence in marketing within the events industry.

Fusion Media, renowned for its award-winning marketing strategies in the UK, has been at the forefront of GroundsFest’s PR and marketing endeavours. Their expertise paved the way for a fruitful partnership with Machinery Nation, a distinguished authority in the groundscare and landscaping sector.

GroundsFest, now positioned as the largest annual event for grounds professionals, strategically aligned itself with Machinery Nation, recognising them as the ideal influencer partner. This collaboration unfolded into a groundbreaking marketing campaign that not only met impressive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) but also left an enduring impact on the community.

Machinery Nation’s reputation as the ‘Top Gear’ of groundscare and landscaping industries served as a solid foundation for the campaign. Boasting a substantial social media following with 70k YouTube subscribers and 80.5k TikTok followers, Machinery Nation brought a level of credibility that resonated deeply with GroundsFest’s target demographic. Renowned for their comprehensive reviews of various tool and machinery brands, Machinery Nation is perceived as a trusted voice within the industry, perfectly aligning with the authenticity sought by GroundsFest.

The judges were particularly impressed by how the marketing efforts surrounding this debut event not only sold the vision of GroundsFest but also played an indispensable role in its success. Winning the 2024 Exhibition News Best Influencer Marketing Campaign Award signifies a remarkable achievement for GroundsFest, setting a high standard for future events in the grounds professional sector.

With the support of Fusion Media and Machinery Nation, GroundsFest has truly made its mark on the industry, promising an even brighter future ahead.

Commenting on the Award, GroundsFest’s Marketing Director Chris Bennett said: “Winning the 2024 Exhibition News Best Influencer Marketing Campaign Award is a tremendous honour for GroundsFest and a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and innovative marketing approaches. Teaming up with Fusion Media and Machinery Nation allowed us to not only introduce GroundsFest to the world but to create an unforgettable experience for our attendees. This award is a recognition of our dedication to excellence and our commitment to revolutionising the grounds professionals’ event landscape. We are grateful for the hard work and creativity of our partners and team members who made this achievement possible.”

James Hayes from Machinery Nation said: “It was amazing to be involved in the first ever GroundsFest event last year, a very impressive show especially as it was their first one. As we said in our coverage video, I think it is going to be the biggest date in the groundcare calendar for a long time and to top it off, being awarded the Best Influencer Award at the Exhibition News Marketing Awards based on their collaboration with us is a huge achievement for us all. We are already making plans with the GroundsFest team for an amazing show this year and we look forward to seeing you all there.”


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