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BOSS Off Road Vehicles Ltd

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BOSS Off-Road Vehicles, is the sole UK distributor of the Corvus Off-Road Vehicles UTV range, Powerland electric ATVs, Paxster electric UTVs, Air-ROPS quad rollover protection, and Faunamaster compact seed drills, sprayers and flail mowers..
The Corvus Terrain range comprises the EX4 100% electric 4×4 utility vehicle and DX4 rugged diesel UTV. The Terrain is designed from the ground up for groundscare, agriculture, and forestry work.
The Powerland Tachyon is a complete, fully electric (Li-ion) road-legal ATV with tractor homologation and offers the benefits of conventional off-road utility vehicles while ensuring no damage to the environment.
The Paxster eCompact and eStretch are all-electric, compact, and agile utility vehicles. They are suited to an exceptionally wide range of applications. Built for sustainability, they are available as new, and 2nd Drive last nut and bolt factory refurbished models. The Paxster can draw up to 3000 watts from onboard sockets for powering tools and machinery.
The Air-ROPS AR-QUAD is an automatic rollover protection system for ATVs that expands when the rollover is irreversible, providing the highest level of protection and the most ergonomic solution on the market.
Faunamaster products include multifunctional and timesaving compact seed drills, sprayers, and flail mowers designed for use with an ATV, UTV or tractor.

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