At GroundsFest, we believe in investing in the future of the grounds management industry. That’s why we’ve established The GroundsFest Education Fund, a dynamic initiative designed to channel the profits generated from our event back into the industry where it matters most – education

Empowering Future Leaders

The primary goal of The GroundsFest Education Fund is to provide invaluable support to students attending land-based colleges, ensuring they can overcome specific barriers that might otherwise hinder their educational journey. Our vision is clear: not only do we aim to enhance the educational experience for these students, but we also aspire to make education in the grounds management industry more accessible, fostering a new generation of skilled professionals.

Join us in supporting The GroundsFest Education Fund, as we work together to cultivate a thriving future for the grounds management industry. Together, we can make education accessible and empower the next generation of industry leaders.

  • Unlocking Potential Through Funding

    Through the profits generated by GroundsFest, The Education Fund offers students the opportunity to unlock their full potential. Funding is available for a diverse range of essential items, including course literature, stationary, tools, laptops, computers, and other electrical goods. Additionally, students can benefit from support for driving lessons and accredited training courses covering a variety of subjects such as machinery operation, weed management, sports turf maintenance, lawn care, arboriculture, and more.

  • Addressing the Decline in Industry Interest

    The grounds management industry is facing a concerning decline in the number of young people pursuing careers in this field. The first step into the industry is education, yet the numbers of qualified individuals are worryingly low. Shockingly, some students are forced out of education or prevented from entering due to financial constraints. The GroundsFest Education Fund aims to change this narrative by providing financial assistance and opportunities to those who might otherwise be excluded.

  • Paving the Way for Future Industry Leaders

    We firmly believe that simple interventions, such as funding driving lessons, can pave the way for a student's future as an industry leader. By removing financial barriers, we aim to attract and retain talented individuals who will contribute to the growth and success of the grounds management industry.

  • Supporting Land-Based Colleges

    Land-based colleges serve as the entry point for the majority of horticulture professionals, from sports turf stadiums to local garden centres. With only 12 such colleges in the UK, it is imperative that we support these institutions. Investing in education is the key to addressing challenges from top to bottom.

If you would like to get involved or find out more about the Education Fund please email

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