Hunter Grinders


Hunter Grinders

Stand No. 50

A division of the Howardson Group, the Hunter Grinder range consists of the Jupitor and Amazon models. The Jupitor is a relief grinder for cylinders and bottom blades and the Amazon is a dedicated bottom blade grinder. Both models can be ‘in-situ’ or ‘stand alone’ .

Hunter Grinders

Howardson Group

Jupiter Grinder

The Jupiter is a fully automatic grinder which provides the accuracy of relief grinding with the option of spin grinding along with the ability to grind bottom blades with just the one machine. It is capable of grinding up to 42" widths returning them back to the specification of the original manufacturers . This achieved accuracy through relief grinding is long lasting thus reducing the number of times you will need to re-sharpen in a season.

Amazon Grinder

The Amazon is a dedicated bottom blade grinder has been designed to save time without compromising performance. Once set up it can be left running, allowing the operator to complete other tasks. This model will grind both faces of a bottom simultaneously and will accommodate 36" blades when grinding both faces and up to 42" when grinding just the one face .