GroundsFest Introduces Education Fund to Support Future Grounds Management Leaders

In a significant move to nurture the next generation of grounds management professionals, the GroundsFest team recently visited Wiltshire College University Centre to officially launch the GroundsFest Education Fund. This initiative marks an important step forward in the industry, aimed at empowering students and tackling key challenges in the field.

During their visit, the GroundsFest team interacted with students, explaining the numerous benefits of the newly established education fund. They highlighted the crucial role these aspiring professionals play in maintaining sports facilities, parks, and green spaces in general.

“At GroundsFest, we’re committed to investing in the future of the grounds management industry,” said Event Director Christopher Bassett. “Through the GroundsFest Education Fund, we aim to empower future leaders and make education in this field more accessible.”

Through the profits generated by GroundsFest, The Education Fund offers students financial support for essential items such as course materials, tools, and even driving lessons. Additionally, students can take advantage of accredited training courses covering a range of subjects vital to the industry’s operations.

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